About DA Barsel

DA Barsel is a maternity scheme for companies that are members of an employers’ organisation organised under the Confederation of Danish Employers (DA) - and where the employers' organisation has not established their own maternity scheme. DA Barsel was established as a result of the private sector collective bargaining negotiations in 2004. The aim of the scheme is to reduce salary costs for companies that have employees on maternity or paternity leave.

As an employer, you are required by Danish law to pay contributions to an approved maternity fund for all employees from age 18 and above. The company is required to pay contributions to DA Barsel for employees covered by the collective agreement , and it is voluntary to use DA Barsel for employees, who are not covered by the agreement. In case this is not chosen, the company is required to have these employees included in another maternity fund.

It is not mandatory to pay contributions for apprentices/trainees under the age of 25. Please note that compensation is not possible for employees not included in the reporting and contribution.

Company owner, CEO and Managing Director cannot be covered by DA Barsel.

How to report and pay

You can report and pay the contributions through:

Payroll service provider - Report and pay at the same time. Contact your service provider or payroll service provider to agree on how to administer the scheme in the future.

Our online self-service (in Danish) - it is also possible to send your report as a file.

The contribution constitutes a fixed annual amount, calculated based on how many hours the employee works. Here you can find our current and former contribution rates (in Danish).

When you pay contributions, you must also forward the following information:

  • The company's CVR/SE number (tax ID number)
  • Collection quarter
  • CPR number (Social security number) of employees covered by DA Barsel
  • Maternity contribution during the collection quarter


If you have not paid ATP contributions for the quarter, we automatically consider it being a zero reporting for the company.

If an employee works less than 9 hours per week, you do not need to pay contributions. But you must remember to report DKK 0 in contributions from the employee. The report is a prerequisite for you to receive compensations, if the employee goes on maternity/paternity leave.

Payment deadline

You must pay contributions for each of the four quarters of the year.

If the payment deadline falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or holiday the payment is due the next available weekday.

Quarter Due date Deadline for payment
1st quarter 1 April 14 April
2nd quarter 1 July 14 July
3rd quarter 1 October 14 October
4th quarter 1 January 20 January