About DA Barsel

DA Barsel is a maternity scheme for companies that are members of an employers’ organisation organised under the Confederation of Danish Employers (DA) - and where the employers' organisation has not established their own maternity scheme. DA Barsel was established as a result of the private sector collective bargaining negotiations in 2004. The aim of the scheme is to reduce salary costs for companies that have employees on maternity or paternity leave.

A company is entitled to compensation if the employee receives full or partial salary during the maternity/paternity leave.

In order to be entitled for compensation you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must have paid out a salary during maternity/paternity leave and the salary during the maternity/paternity period is higher than the benefit rate from Udbetaling Danmark.
  • The company must receive maternity/paternity benefit compensation from Udbetaling Danmark.
  • You must have paid contributions for the employee who gives birth or the father.
  • The employee who gives birth or the father of the child must have been employed for at least 9 months. Length of service is, however, 6 months for employers under Dansk Byggeri. For employees from temporary employment agencies, the special collective agreement terms must be observed.
  • The company must not be in arrears.

Automatic payment

You do not have to apply for compensation from DA Barsel. Payment is automatically made to the employer based on the application for maternity/paternity benefits from Udbetaling Danmark. You apply Udbetaling Danmark for maternity/paternity benefits via NemRefusion (in Danish).

The compensation is deposited into the company's NemKonto and is performed quarterly in arrears. NemKonto is a joint public payment system. All companies in Denmark are required to have a NemKonto.

Compensation at birth

The employer may receive compensation from DA Barsel for up to:

  • 4 weeks before the expected birth for the mother (pregnancy leave).
  • 14 weeks immediately after birth for the mother (maternity leave).
  • 2 weeks within the 14 weeks after birth for the father (paternity leave).
  • 13 weeks immediately after the maternity leave as a joint leave that can be divided between the mother and the father (i.e. parental leave in the 15th-52nd week after birth) - can  be divided so that each parent has up to two periods of leave.

Please note, that we can only provide compensation for parental leave in the 15th-52nd week for one of the parents for a maximum of 8 weeks, as 5 weeks are reserved for each parent.

Example: The mother takes 3 weeks of parental leave, the father 6 weeks, then the mother takes 2 weeks again and finally the father takes the last 2 weeks. A total of 13 weeks.

In case of hospitalization due to an illness, DA Barsel may make exemptions from the above mentioned leave placement requirements.